Sun Pavilion

A radiant Sun Pavilion gives Londoner’s a place to renew, recharge and uplift


exhibition titled Shout, which brings together the work of five renowned contemporary graphic artists and designers


A fearless, colourful, permanent, 7.5m high structural intervention. A mash up of historical with lived experiences and the biophilia hypothesis


A disparate family of functional structures on Greenwich Peninsula, celebrated through bold pattern and colour

Atoll Furniture

An expansive seating area with hand-made and hand-painted seating with abundant planting

Temple of Agape

A celebration of the love of humanity, one of the seven Ancient Greek themes of love

Dazzle Dining Rooms

Morag and poet Lemn Sissay, created a dazzling new set of children’s dining rooms and social spaces

Movement Café

An explosion of colour and type, sitting at the centre of an amphitheatre-like space


Morag's first permanent outside public art installation situated next to the river Thames London

Bernie Grant Café

Building on the concrete and hard wood materiality of the existing building, Morag introduced new layers of texture and colour to invigorate the space

Rainbow Unit

Integrated artworks for the newly refurbished paediatric unit Rainbow Unit at Newham University Hospital

Swing it!

A kinetic interactive outdoor art installation exploring ideas and memories of ‘play’

Joy & Peace

Joy installation represents the 6 symbols on equal levels with all the powers working together 

Eye See

"We all LOOK at something and acknowledge its presence but when we use our eyes to SEE we start to be aware and begin to understand"

Burntwood School

Vibrant tiled entranceways and triangle murals thread their way through the buildings, a bright foil to the architects' muted palette 

Vinyl Lounge

A transformation of an old marketing suite into a community space

Sign Machine

A riotous kinetic installation opens dialogue between its users and the iconic designs that surround them

BBC Studios

TeTestcard inspired artworks for the home of the tv, the BBC Studios