Make Happy

A large scale installation Make Happy for a neighbourhood courtyard in central Hong Kong. The public art project communicates an impactful message — akin to a chinese proverb — during the nation’s unsettling period — ‘Make happy those who are near, and those who are far will come’ — which Morag has also adopted as her mantra.

Morag's Make Happy spreads positivity in Hong Kong during unsettling times her boldness and strong use of colour to project positive energy and encourage everyone to ‘listen to each other and work together to find ways forward’. The structure, hand painted on plywood, invites the locals of Hong Kong to come together and enjoy group activities, such as performances, relaxing, playing, chatting, posing for group photos and resting. Inside the installation, the pure pink interior rings out an abstract sound track ‘Happy Talk’.

Shin Wong, PMQ curator: "Morag’s renowned structural interventions has always been on PMQ’s list-to-invite; the iconic patterns, shapes, messaging & colour enhances and uplift the urban environment, connecting people with artworks and the surroundings. Each year, we hope to bring original works from different prolific artists to Hong Kong, taking the opportunity to share and inspire local audiences."

PMQ Hong Kong
Shin Wong, Curator

Aberdeen Street, 
Central, Hong Kong

Music a collaboration with
Luke Morgan & Bella Alexander

PMQ Design
David Bothwell
Chris Macdonald

Temporary Installation

December 2019

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