C-mine is a former coal mine in Genk, Belgium that ran from 1901 to 1988. Since it stopped production, it has since been transformed into an industrial museum and cultural center that plays hosts to some of the world’s leading artists and designers. From July to September 2021, the facility presents a new exhibition titled 'SHOUT,' featuring Morag Myerscough, Anthony Burrill, Eike König, Marco Oggian, and James Joyce in all their vibrancy, humour and sarcasm.

in the former coal-mining complex, and as part of the ongoing multidisciplinary festival Zomerslag, Morag Myerscough, Eike König, Marco Oggian, James Joyce, and Anthony Burrill, will be displaying various bodies of work under a theme of social critique. With “plenty of swagger, humour and sarcasm,” they have each played a part in creating an exhibition that is both “a bit of a shock and a lot of fun.” 

Myerscough's exhibits include her 'Sign Machine' created with Luke Morgan, pieces from previous installations and a new installation 'JOY' a site specific piece made with reusing panels from previous installations, celebrating the architecture of the main space of the industrial building. 


c-Mine, Gent, Belgium


Daan Linsen and Debora Lauwers
of Alley Studio

Soda Studio

Boumediene Belbachir


10/bus 1
3600 Genk, Belgium

July to September 2021

Temporary Installation

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