Pilton Palais

Myerscough loved the opportunity to make the facade for the Pilton Palais Cinema at Glastonbury. Myerscough drew on her love of Art Deco cinema Buildings. She started young going to see the 'Battle of Britain' with her dad (her fathers choice of file :))) and sister at the Astoria Odean Theatre that then became the iconic Rainbow music venue in Finsbury Park, where she went on to see the Jam perform as a teenager. She loved going every week to Saturday Morning Pictures to the Art Deco Odean (previously Gaumont) cinema in Holloway. Buildings full of wonderment and escapism. Anything was possible.   

The cinema at Glastonbury is housed in a circus tent and this also struck a chord with Morag as it reminded her of a photo she has of the semi-permanent circus structure that her Great Grandfather, Busby who was a clown and her Great Grandmother who was a high diver, performed from. She was was fascinated how putting a facia on the front on a tent changes its presence.

In the spirit of a traditional facade is it hand-painted on wood and is used each year with just some retouching each time.


Pilton Palais


Pilton Palais team

Morag Myerscough

Temporary Installation

Completion date
June 2023/24

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