One of the themes that Myerscough develops in all her work is the relationship with the community. That is why in "Alegra" she worked with three Chilean artists, Antonia Valero, Ignacia Godoy and Javiera Martínez, who helped the Londoner with the conceptualization of phrases in accordance with the context of the country. "It was very important for me to create a work that would make sense for the community, so it makes much more sense to work with artists who are local. That's why the voice comes from Chile and I help with the integration," she said. Antonia Valero, one of the three artists who collaborated with Myerscough, said that she was offered the project through Instagram, a platform she has been working with since 2019, and it was the message that the installation sought to convey that convinced her to participate.

"I received a message, they told me it was about positivity and that is one of my focuses as an artist and it is not toxic positivity, for me that does not exist. Positive words can resonate with many people, so I think it has been very good to contribute to this," said Valero.

In addition, Ignacia Godoy, another of the Chilean artists who worked with Morag Myerscough, indicated that they were responsible for the phrases and words that are throughout the installation.

"Our work also had to do with using a Chilean language and not a transversal language, for example, at the Latin American or Spanish level, but rather something that identifies people in every sense, and for me this installation means access to culture for everyone," said Godoy.

The “Alegra” interventions began simultaneously on April 15 at Mallplaza Oeste and Mallplaza Vespucio, and since April 25 it has been open to the community at Mallplaza Los Dominicos. They will be on display in these three urban centers until May 30, 2022. From June 6 to July 15, the installations will arrive at Mallplaza Egaña, Mallplaza Trébol and Mallplaza Antofagasta, ending this traveling exhibition that will allow visitors to urban centers to once again be reached with a first-class cultural offering.

The artist explained that her mission is to democratize art. That is why her works are always developed on a large scale in public spaces where the viewer can immerse themselves in the work. "My work is in public spaces, which means it's not a gallery behind closed doors, it's for everyone," said the artist. “It’s so important that art can infiltrate and somehow bring people together so that they can work together to form a new world. The most powerful way to do this is on the streets and in spaces like these,” explained Myerscough.


Mallplaza, Chile

Curator and Production
Street Machine Corp SA

Mallplaza Vespucio,

Street Machine Corp SA, Chile

Morag Myerscough

Temporary Installation

Completion date
April 15 to July 15 2022

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