Clean Power

"With this work I wanted to put out an optimistic approach towards our future, if we work together we can help make the changes we need to happen," said Myerscough. "The oranges, greens and blues represent the sun, sea and air that we need to power ourselves to a renewable future." At Cop 26, Glasgow, Morag Myerscough has unveiled a series of flags and banners as part of an installation named Clean Power. According to non-profit organisation #TogetherBand, nearly three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions come from the energy we use to power our lives.

To draw attention to the issue, Myerscough placed 40 giant flags made from recycled plastic marine plastics across the host city Glasgow that have the words Clean Power and Sun, Sea, Air, written on them. Togetherband made bags for sale from the flag fabric.


Clean Power,
Oliver Wayman and Togetherband

London 2022 Glasgow 2021 and Japan 2023

Piccadilly Circus structure
Luke Morgan

Cop 26 Flags
Gerardo Jaconelli

Morag Myerscough

Collaboration since 2021

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