Peace & Joy

Peace is set in an underused historic garden with ancient trees and squirrels chasing around. The installation has transformed the garden into a place for people to gather, relax and socialise with the Peace Pavilion being the centre piece and stage for the performances and activities which have never been seen in this garden before and starts to change peoples perceptions of familiar places that they previously overlooked.

Joy & Peace, is a response to the fractious times we are all living in.

The artwork is composed of 6 symbols: heart = LOVE; globe = SOCIETY; PEOPLE; sun = JOY; eyes = WIDE OPEN; star = ENERGY; flower = PEACE and combined together radiate positivity.

JOY installation projecting from the brutalist brick walled carpark the length of Silk Street represents the symbols on equal levels with all the powers working together and the PEACE Pavilion and Garden focuses on the sun=JOY and the flower=PEACE symbols to create a playful and thought-provoking space.

Handpainted on plywood by Morag with help from a small team of painters in her studio, the installations were constructed using her signature beloved scaffolding and neon colours.

During the design process Morag held workshops with the local schools and the patterns on the entrance gates to the garden incorporate some of the patterns.

Culture Mile
Led by City fo London
Corporation with the
Guildhall School of Music & Drama
London Symphony Orchestra
Museum of London

Peace Pavilion

Joy Installation
Silk Street, Barbican

Morag Myerscough

Completed work
Gareth Gardner

Temporary Installation

July 2017

Project Legacy
The scaffolding was hired.
The painted symbols and
artworks were distributed
and installed in City Of London 
affiliated schools 

Culture Mile is the beating heart of London,
a place where creativity is fast becoming
the most valuable currency. The City of London
Corporation together with the Barbican,
Guildhall School of Music & Drama, London
Symphony Orchestra and the Museum of London,
are leading the animation of the whole neighbourhood
with imaginative collaborations and events.
Culture Mile brings commerce and culture
together in a wealth of creativity. Known meets
unknown. Ancient and modern collide as the
streets are activated by exhibitions, gigs,
pop-ups and events. So whether you’re with
family, friends or flying solo, there’s something for
everyone. And thanks to Crossrail’s new Elizabeth
Line connections at Farringdon and Moorgate,
the area is more connected than ever.

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