See Through


“Our worlds have closed in and we have time to reflect and be engaged in our lives in very different ways. We have had time to appreciate the here and now, connect back to nature, and take a slower place…Outside spaces are safer places to be and so we need to occupy them and bring unexpected joy back to the everyday. The structure is a response to these new times. A bamboo structure growing out of the grass bringing instant colour and joy.”

Morag Myerscough, early 2021

2021 Covid — As British Summer Time begins and galleries remain shut, Londoners can immerse themselves in this outdoor gallery trail in the heart of Mayfair and Belgravia. Myerscough’s installation See Through is aninteractive sculpture of eye-popping colour, geometric patterns and neon messages of hope and joy. Situated in the iconic Grosvenor Square, the unmissable artwork invites passers-by to walk through and engage with it as a haven of positivity and joy. It is a buoyant and resilient response to the challenging times we are living in, aiming to uplift those who encounter it and stimulate positive conversation. The messaging for See Through is taken from words and phrases collected by the artist over the past year.

For the installation, in addition to the ply placards, Myerscough has for the first time used bamboo – for its strength and flexibility but also its sustainability as a fast-growing natural material. The installation was re-used and the placards reused and now stored for another project

Wander Art features site-specific sculptures, installations, and murals to offer the public a unique way to enjoy and discover London. Showcasing the work of some of the world’s most renowned artists and designers, such as Morag Myerscough, Fernando Laposse, Richard Woods, Yinka Ilori, Emily Forgot and Ricardo Cavolo, the outdoor art trail embodies the inspiration that can be generated when the artistic community comes together in a joint effort to lift the general public’s spirits in challenging times. The 12 creations featured celebrate London’s iconic architecture and draw on the artists’ personal stories and individual perspectives of the city.

Grosvenor Britain and Ireland


Installation as part of Wander Art,
12 site specific artworks by 12 artists

Grosvenor Square 

The White Wall Company

Morag Myerscough

Gareth Gardner

Temporary Installation

Completion date
March 2021

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