Flock of Seagulls Bag of Stolen Chips

Flock of Seagulls Bag of Stolen Chips is a gateway or ‘welcome pavilion’ for the former gasworks site at Ship Street, from where visitors were able to view the entire site and imagine how it might be developed in the future. Its cylindrical form and its open lattice-work metal construction echo the gasometers that once stood on the site, while its brightly painted panels suggest an altogether more post-industrial atmosphere.

Myerscough selected the title from among the dozens of ‘key phrases’ that emerged from the five workshops to which local residents were invited to discuss Belonging and their relationship with folkestone, memories, stories and write words, phrases and poems which were then painted on wooden panels and adorned the structure. The panels were painted with the local community.

Creative Folkestone Triennial

Lewis Biggs

Ship Street Gasworks Site
entrance: Bournemouth Rd
Folkestone CT19 5BA

Gareth Gardner and Andy Aitchison

Temporary Installation

At the end of the installation all the panels
were given to the community groups and
any left over Morag took them back
and have reused them on other projects

Completion date
22 July to 02 November 2021

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