Sign Machine

Interactive installation opens dialogue between its users and the iconic designs that surround them. Created in response in 2016 to the 'crowdsourced product wall', that forms part of the Myerscough-designed exhibition at the Design Museum’s Kensington home, 'Sign Machine' puts some of those products (guitar, power-drill, hot water bottle … ) to use.

The retina-bothering riotous kinetic installation opening a dialogue between the user and the iconic designs that surround them.

A chaotic aesthetic is boldly at odds with the composed serenity of the Bulgari’s lobby, where users of the installation are able to control signs ('nasty'’, 'useless', 'pretty' … ) that lead to a wider contemplation on the objects and their roles in a daily lives.

"We’re very excited to continue our relationship with the design world and present such a striking installation by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan during the London Design Festival." Explains the hotel’s general manager, Sylvain Ercoli. "This is a very important collaboration for us as it also acts as a preview for what will be our new neighbour, the Design Museum’s, permanent exhibition."

Bulgari &
Design Museum

Bulgari Hotel, Kensington

Morag Myerscough &
Luke Morgan

Luke Morgan & 
Morag Myerscough

Temporary installation

Completion 2016

Project Legacy
The installation is 
in storage

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