Following on from the 2016 Greenwich Peninsula commission, Colourblock Cranes, Morag builds on a narrative of re-imagining functional spaces and components on Greenwich Peninsula, celebrated through bold pattern and colour. Her patterned installation artwork Siblings creates a new identity for a family of functional structures, including a pair of towering London Underground vent shafts creating a vibrant threshold to the Tide.

Morag commented, “I confronted the structures as two imposing brutalist towers, with two small bunkers sitting slap bang in the middle of The Tide. I was excited by the prospect of getting my hands on this small disparate family, getting them to relate to each other and respond to their new surroundings. By using vibrant colours I made them bold and strong, making them belong.”

Bold and dynamic colours of blue, yellow, pink and green are intertwined in geometric patterns wrapped around the shafts. The illusionary patterns distort and enhance the existing structures which reach the height of 10 metres.

Greenwich Peninsula &
Now Gallery

Kaia Charles, Cultural Projects Manager,
Greenwich Peninsula, London UK

The Tide, North Greenwich

Luke Morgan 
Morag Myerscough

Permanent Installation
Completion 2019

The Tide London’s first-ever elevated riverside linear park
is now open on Greenwich Peninsula. Initially 1km in length,
running from Peninsula Square to the river and
along the riverside, The Tide will eventually stretch 5km
in length around the whole Peninsula.

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