Temple of Curiosity

The Temple is a place of belonging. It is bold and proud and will max out your senses, generating specific responses in each individual who experiences the work, creating a community and building identity. The Ilukuluku tribe have spent the last two years raising money and painting all the panels for the massive structure.

The Ilukuluku tribe have worked extremely hard to raise the money to build the structure, by making products, holding events, loads and loads of initiative over the last couple of years. The project is supported by Afrikaburn and Burning Man. Dulux SA have sponsored all the paint.

The Ilukuluku tribe have worked multiple weekends painting all the panels for the massive structure. The structure is not going to be burnt, the panels will repurpose all the hand painted plywood panels for educational purposes.

August 2020 update
Due to Covid 19 the Temple of Curiosity could not be built for Afrikaburn 2020. Ilukuluku tribe had promised the panels to the Disneyland ECD School, Tuscany Glen, Blue Downs and as structure has been delayed the panels were not available to give to the school. Shaun Sebastian came up with another plan to use Morag's patterns to repaint the school. So Morag worked with Shaun to get the patterns onto the walls. Big thank you to Dulux SA for supplying all the paints for the project.

Ilukuluku tribe

Afrikaburn, South Africa

Paint Sponsored by
Dulux SA

A project team
Morag Myerscough, Luke Morgan
Ilukuluku tribe

Shaun Sebastian & Nico Marais

Temporary project
Completion 2021

Project Legacy
Scaffolding is hired.
Panels given to schools
and public spaces 

About the Ilukuluku tribe
In its fourth year, the 40 strong tribe crew has
formed a collective of talented creative individuals
who are all working together to see this vision come
to life. Ilukuluku is registered collective, endorsed
by AfrikaBurn. They are supported by a great number
of tribe, friends and proud default world sponsors.
Each and every one of them has committed
to realising the vision of enhancing the effectiveness
of Tankwa Town. Guided by the organisation’s
11 guiding principles, they uphold the
ethos of the ‘Burner’ community and culture.

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