The work is an acknowledgement of the uniqueness of Fremantle, connecting with its rich multicultural history that encompasses over tens and thousands of years of living together in harmony. The phrase highlights the importance of community, sharing and working with each other and not staying separate. Recognising the difficulty of keeping up these values, Morag considers the importance of learning about each other’s differences and celebrating them.

At the centre of Morag's artistic practice is the question of ‘how do we make belonging?’. This artwork articulates in a simple phrase Together the complexity and joy of everybody living together; in cities, countries and the world.

The artist requests viewers to consider how the idea of Together can be integrated into daily rituals, where a simple word can provide resonating difference to how we connect with each other.

In Morag’s words: "The word Together can be topped and tailed whatever way your mind takes you and the meaning expanded, sometimes it is overused but ultimately it is an incredibly powerful emotive word."

Sirona Capital for FOMO Kings Square

Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia

Procured by
FORM building a state of creativity Inc.

Special thanks to
Andrew Frazer, Luke O’Donohoe,
Sean O’Donohoe and Sam Bloor
for painting the artwork

Photographer Sundae Studio

Permanent Installation

Completion March 2020

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