Tomatoes &

Succulents & Chrysanthemums 

I have only ever made gardens on terraces or roof tops. I have never had a garden of my own on the ground. Which I do long to have one day.

I love being surrounded by plants but they do need a lot of commitment and devotion, they are quite needy and you need to be methodical with their care, especially house plants. But the rewards are bountiful so I am not going to complain. Succulents intrigue me, for some reason they make me think of dinosaurs. From visiting an old friends grandparents house many years ago where a green house was full of old succulents that had all grown in strange and wonderful ways I was hooked from then on. 

Last year for the Atoll projects l I tested out various species of houseplants to see which ones would live in very low light conditions. I had read information about what plants and listened to advice from experts but I wanted to choose the exact plants for the project and so the best way to do that was to replicate the conditions they would love in and see how they faired. It was a great experiment and I was in a position to choose exactly what I wanted with knowledge.

My current obsession are chrysanthemums I have planted one plant each of 14 varieties and I am so excited to see them bloom in the depth of the winter.

This is my 2020 tomato crop so far this year