The Village

'The Village' on Old Town Meadow was the site of the medieval village of Compton Murdak circa 1300. The village was abandoned during the Tudor period. By the time ‘Capability’ Brown came to Compton Verney in the 1760s no trace of it remained. Brown laid out this area of the estate as open parkland so that the Willoughby de Broke family and their guests could stroll or be driven in carriages around a series of pathways. Sadly, all of the mature trees that once stood here were ploughed up in the 1960s.

Compton Verney has the largest collection of British Folk Art in the UK. Folk Art refers to objects made within the context of a community’s everyday life. Made by artists working within a popular rather than ‘fine art’ tradition, many of these objects have grown out of long-established craft practices in local communities.

When visiting Myerscough was inspired by her surroundings and the energy and history of the building and the incredible Folk Art Collection. In the spirit of Folk art Myerscough called upon the surrounding community and held workshops with schools and visitors where they drew dwellings and buildings which went on to form the basis of 'The Village'. Once Myerscough designed 'The Village' was the community and everybody at the museum got involved and painted all the panels on site at Compton Verney

Visitors were invited to explore the structures and experience the site from new perspectives. A space for gathering and being present in the beauty of nature. Supporting Compton Verney's priority to promote biodiversity, the benches were planted with Butterfly and Bee encouraging species. The Village was so loved by everyone it was extended for an extra 12 months.

Compton Verney

Hannah Taylor, Contemporary Arts Producer

Old Meadow, Compton Verney, Warwickshire, UK

Morag Myerscough and the Compton Verney Community

Fabrication and Installation
Matt Foster, Plane Structure

Milk Structures

Gareth Gardner

15 March 2022 — 06 November 2023

Temporary Installation

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