Nice to Meet You Again

The world she created for MINI is “aspirational, magical and a possible future for the city”, she says. “There are shared streets, shared cars, clutter removed and offering a positive future within a renewable context. I want people to feel uplifted by these possibilities. The plants are as big as the houses.” Myerscough’s ethos is shared by MINI, whose ‘Big Love’ mission is focused on initiatives which build a brighter future for people, their communities and the planet."

As MINI journeys towards being an electric only brand by 2030, visitors are invited to explore the multi-sensory elements of the Myerscough & MINI universe. “You can’t get away from the noise, it’s 24/7,” says Myerscough of her time living in Hoxton for 15 years. But when lockdown hit, “birds started singing and I thought, ‘Wow – this is what it would be like if we don’t have big lorries and noisy vehicles coming into the city.’ There would be a completely different soundscape,” she says. Inside the installation, avian sounds will provide the melody, while natural, seasonal smells will provide pleasant olfactory stimulation.

Myerscough’s creative signature is her vivid use of colour, and the evoking of joy through vibrancy. This project is no different, and she was startled at the aesthetic synchronicity. “It’s as if,” she explains, “MINI took colours from my palette and put it in their range.” The trademark greens and browns of the MINI Countryman are layered with yellows, purples and pinks. There are moments of shadow, plus silhouettes of windmills that nod to a MINI’s hubcaps. The installation is an opportunity to bring people together to weave through the ‘streets’ and feel inspired for a future that intertwines the best of both town and country.


Mini with London Design Festival

Shoreditch Electric Light Station, 
Hoxton Square, London


Wasserman, London

Jewill's Ltd


Birdsong soundscape
and bird shadows
Kathy Hinde

Gareth Gardner
Morag Myerscough

Temporary Installation

16—19 September 2023

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