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We moved here in 2005: I had done so much work on my previous house, I couldn’t face another project, so painted the walls white and lived with it. That changed in lockdown; most of my commissions were cancelled, and I was finally able to get going. We don’t have children, my parents are no longer alive and Luke’s parents are shielding in Bristol, so we don’t have the same

I ordered paint and plywood before everything closed, but I didn’t start work immediately. I felt too anxious and foggy, but I needed to start doing things to give myself a reason to get up every day.

We have a large terrace on the top floor. I had started transforming it in 2018, but became distracted by work and it was left half finished. In the last few months, I’ve painted the facade and walls in bold, geometric patterns. It’s now an important, safe outdoor space: I’m there every morning watering my plants, and we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there.

Inside, we have transformed our library. It is our main entrance hall, but it was a dumping ground for books, cardboard models, coats, even a swing arm boxing ball. We’ve been using the entrance to our studio instead of our front door for years. I painted the ceiling yellow while Luke built plywood boxes to form bookshelves. I painted them pink, red, orange and yellow. It took us three weeks and 58 boxes in total. I’m holding off putting the books back as I like it empty, but that defeats the object, so they’ll go in soon.

August 2020

I have 3 more home paint projects on the go, and will update this page when I have some updates. 1/Summer Room 2/Staircase 3/Dressing Room.

Morag Myerscough
Luke Morgan

image of morag painting the 
roof facade
Laurent Paoli

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