Dancing in the Sky

For Coachella Myerscough has created an immersive installation that defines a 125-by-125–foot space with in the festival grounds — a settlement inspired by the surrounding landscape draws people in through gateways and surrounds them with brilliantly coloured structures of varying heights, some up to 60ft providing a skyline that captures the imagination.

Myerscough emphasizes the natural beauty of the sky as part of the work, framing and lighting the active space to create a fantastical mesmerising environment — a geometric fairytale chock full of familiar shapes and colors that make everybody feel welcome and at ease.

The kinetic elements dance in the sky within the structures, the abstract moving shapes overhead seem to take their energy from the activity on the ground and the Sun above the whole space is vibrant and alive inspiring people to explore.

At night the installation takes on a glowing aura, offering a magical meeting place for friends amid the darkness of the festival. Myerscough’s work at Coachella conveys a sense of connectivity and freedom, allowing individuals to bring their own meaning to the experience while also enjoying communal sense of belonging.

Coachella, Golden Voice

Public Art Company
Raffi Lehrer
Paul Clemente

Indio, California

Paul Clemente
Eduardo Manilla
with the
Coachella Art Department

Lance Gerber
C Wilson

Temporary Installation

Completion date
April 11 2024

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