Super Hot 

A colourful funhouse called Super Hot for the 7th edition of the Summer Well Festival in Bucharest, Romania. The annual event transforms an idyllic forest into a magical stage for three days, as music lovers from around the world visit the site to hear live performances.

The inspiration for the Super Hot installation was very simple it was about indulging and embracing the beauty of summer in all its forms.

The structure is made from hand painted plywood and scaffolding hoped to surprise visitors by placing the striking, colourful installation at one end of the forest. The huge neon installation rises from amongst the trees, transforming from day to night into a whimsical performance venue.

The installation is designed with intricate details, each which facilitate a range of activities. A slide and swing are paired with colourful hand-painted walls, providing the perfect backdrop for photos and performances.

Summer Well Festival

Bucharest, Romania

Morag Myerscough
Luke Morgan
Summer Well Festival

Temporary Installation

August 2017/18

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