See Joy

The South Bank regeneration programme, Leeds has received another boost with the addition of a vibrant art installation Morag. The colourful design has been installed within a pedestrian crossing, a first for Leeds. The project was commissioned by Leeds City Council who were looking for a partner to help breathe life and colour into a key area of the city.

Morag was the artist chosen to create the piece and design a striking public art installation for a high footfall crossing by Crown Point retail park. The council wanted to work with someone who could reflect the creativity of nearby areas that include the Carlsberg Tetley site and the South Bank Educational Quarter.

Councillor Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said "It is fantastic to see this eye catching and colourful piece of artwork installed in the South Bank area of Leeds. “Leeds is a city brimming with creative talent, and installing pieces like this in and around new and current areas of the city further helps us to make the spaces we live, work and play in more attractive and fun places to spend time in."

The words See Joy used in the piece, reflect the artist’s hope that the people of Leeds will look around them and see the surrounding area with positivity and joy.

Commenting on the project Morag said: "I was delighted to be approached to be a part of this fantastic project. The outdoor crossing was a real first for me. As soon as I visited the area and saw the development and surrounding buildings I knew I wanted to create something that would really make people stop and take a look around, but also make them smile."

"The phrase See Joy aims to inspire people to see just how beautiful places are, if they take the time to see them. It is like a child looking for the first time and seeing joy in everything. It was fantastic to see the design go down and how many people in the cars and on the street stopped to look – I hope that continues for as long as the piece is in place." says Morag

The installation is now in place on the crossing along Crown Point Road, which is part of the 'Hunslet Stray' pedestrian route and a key route in between the South Bank educational area and the city centre. The crossing location is also situated between one of Leeds’ main art galleries The Tetley and Duke Studios a creative multi-disciplinary venue which has held events attracting over 4000 people.

Leeds City Council

Crossing along
Crown Point Road

Permanent Installation

Completion June 2018


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