Ooh La La

Fascinated by the necessity for repetition in music, they explore it visually in a vibrant installation entitled ‘Ooh la la — celebrating excess’. In this intervention, which addresses the structural presence of redundancy in music, the dialogue between music and visual arts is literally visible. Words and sounds, when repeated, do not limit themselves to mere duplication and instead produce new meaning.

However, the presence of redundancy is not exhausted in the concept but manifests itself in form, in the way graphic resources are used, in typography and colour, a process that drives the result towards the British pop-rock imagery that informs the visual culture of Morag & Luke.

Iteration 1 — urban intervention

Redundancy: The Usefulness of Repetition

Ooh La La a seating urban intervention, part of a group show in an underused public square for the EXD '11, Lisbon

Curators Statement: Project description: We want to reflect on the usefulness and uselessness of things. In that context, redundancy is a concept that, at first glance, refers to unnecessary excess. However, confronted with an imperfect reality where errors and severances are inevitable, communication, be it oral, visual or written, often falls back on redundancy in order to secure its effectiveness.
In practice, the absence of redundancy is rare, and a design project seeks to find its right measure, determined by the designer’s position according to the contexts and contents in question.

Free from the constraints of everyday practice, the participants explored the possibilities of redundancy and questioned its usefulness. Transgressing the bidimensionality to which they are usually confined, they have created urban interventions of an ephemeral nature, having the Praça da Figueira as the stage for an exploration on the possibilities of designing the message. The many meanings and angles of this notion are perceivable through the heterogeneity of the installations produced. Studios with various approaches, distinct languages, and their very own understanding of communicating were invited to participate. Extract from the curators’ statement

Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo (R2 Design)

Praça da Figueira

Artists & Designers:
Morag Myerscough + Luke Morgan (UK)
Frédéric Teschner (FR)
Lust (NL)
Conditional Design
Luna Maurer + Roel Wouters (NL)
Sulki & Min (KR)

Morag Myerscough
Luke Morgan

Temporary Installation
September — November 2011

Iteration 2 — Gallery

Ooh La La exhibited in 'Snacks' exhibition
Power Station of Art
in their words —

Art is Snacks, Life is Dinner

From July 16 to October 16, 2016, Power Station of Art (PSA) and Art World magazine are co-presenting the exhibition 'Snacks'. With the participation of 38 artists and artist groups and their unique art works, the exhibition showcases the unclassifiable ideas, experiments, and experiences of diverse life styles in different places all over the world.

Snacks are the unnecessary comfort outside the main meals of the day. People will make mistakes for this momentary joy, and squander time in pursuit of a particular choice.
'Snacks' started as a publication launched in 2008 that was created, edited, and published by artists and designers. It eventually led to collaborations with over two hundred artists from all over the globe, some of which are presenting their works in this exhibition.

'Snacks', the exhibition, presents the content as well as the 'packaging'. Surprisingly, the exhibition hall and the hallway share the same length, which gives the exhibition hall an additional function: passage. It is also here that this bridge without a landscape and the concrete building with few pedestrians face each other in quietude — this is an autonomous 'city'.

And autonomy is exactly the condition for the survival of the artists in 'Snacks': no interfering with each other or intentional communication. In this autonomous and improvisational environment, the artists perform their experimentations with great latitude, improvising on the spot. They utilise modelling, configuration and colours to create 'noises'. Their performance is intuitive and anxious, and in disturbing and stimulating our sensory nerves, it evokes in us the yearning for, and memories of, the festival.

The artists in 'Snacks' gather through the form of an exhibition, but they have every intention to transform it into a happy revolt and a celebration that cannot be written in history.

Power Station of Art (PSA)
collaboration with
Art World Magazine

Gong Yan
Curation team
Huang Mi, Lin Jia, Zhu Ye

678 Miaojiang Road
Huangpu District
Shanghai, 200011

Morag Myerscough &
Luke Morgan

Temporary Installation
Dates July—October 2016

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Snacks exhibition, Shanghai 2016

Redundancy: The Usefulness of Repetition, Lisbon 2011